Nominated Golf Digest Remodel of the Year Award for 2021/2022

We have now completed our new layout of the Port Hope Golf and Country Club. Join us for 12 or 18 holes on the scenic shores of Lake Ontario.

Ladies' League

Port Hope Golf

Welcome to the Port Hope Tuesday Ladies League, 2022

The Port Hope Tuesday Ladies League welcomes players with elementary golf instruction as well as experienced golfers, providing them with the opportunity to golf with a fun, sociable group of women in a casual, friendly atmosphere, while enjoying our magnificent course along Lake Ontario.

Our highly popular League was founded more than 40 years ago. With the support of the Club’s management and staff, a group of volunteers plans and organizes weekly games and fun events on behalf of our League.

This Playbook has been developed to provide you with detailed information about the League.

If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Organizing Committee.

Your Organizing Committee Members:

2022 Season League Information

The Ladies League season runs for 20 weeks, beginning on Tuesday May 3rd and ending on Tuesday, September 13th.

League Dues and Golf Fees

Annual dues for members of the Ladies League are $40.00, payable at the beginning of the season (by cash or cheque payable to Port Hope Ladies League). Dues paid by our members are returned through weekly prizes, special Event prizes, special draws, and year-end prizes.

Weekly Green Fee for 10/12 holes - $29.38 including tax (walking)

Power Cart Rental for 10/12 holes - $14.62 including tax

2022 Ladies League Season Pass:

Green Fees: $460.00 for 20 game season - with HST - $519.80 for season. This comes to $25.99 / week over 20-week season)

Cart Fees: $250.00 for 20 games. - with HST - $282.50 for season. This comes to $14.12 / week) over 20-week season)

Green Fees + Cart Fees together: $710.00/ season - with HST - $802.30/ season. This comes to $40.11 / week over 20-week season)

Regular Tuesday Morning Games – Tee Times and Scheduling

We play a 10/12hole loop each Tuesday morning but only the first ten holes of the 12 holes count toward your average.

Holes 11 & 12 are played for your own enjoyment and practice.

Our Schedulers work hard to mix the 4somes and to make an equitable allocation of tee times. The goal is to provide our members the opportunity to play with different ladies each week to experience different skill levels and styles of play.

Tee times are from 8AM – 11AM each Tuesday morning, with the last tee time depending on the number of teams.

Members are advised of their weekly Tuesday tee times and foursomes via email, usually by the Friday before the next game.

Unless a member advises the Schedulers that she will be away on a specific Tuesday morning, she will be scheduled to play each week. Therefore, it is very important that you advise the Schedulers, no later than noon on Wednesday if you are unable to play on the following Tuesday.

We realize that a last-minute emergency can occur on the evening before or the morning of play, and if this happens, please advise the clubhouse staff 905-885-6487.

In special circumstances, when a player has an appointment or a personal matter to attend to on Tuesday morning, the Schedulers will do their best to accommodate the request for a specific tee time.

Contact for Linda Davis and Sue Bolton: lindafrancesdavis at gmail dot com and fbwb26 at gmail dot com. Except for the circumstances described above, we are unable to accommodate personal preferences for tee times or team members and we ask all players to please keep the tee times and the teams to which they have been assigned. If a cancellation occurs and a tee time becomes available it is the Schedulers who will move the next scheduled player(s) ahead, to fill that time slot.

Please arrive at the clubhouse 15 to 20 minutes before your tee time, ready to play.

Special Tuesday Events This Season – 12-Hole Scrambles

There are five games of the total 20 that will be played as 12-hole Scrambles and one game that will be played as an 18-hole Scramble. The dates for these games are:

For these special Scramble Events, players are required to register in advance. Registration goes up 2 weeks prior to the event and is closed one week prior to event or when the event has filled up. Registration is done through a simple form on the Tuesday Ladies League web page, on the Port Hope Golf Club’s website.

These events fill up quickly so when you receive registration information, remember to sign up quickly online at

If you are having computer problems, please ask one of the staff at the PH Clubhouse for help 905-885-6487

Rain Days

The Golf Club has a policy whereby the course usually remains open unless there is an electrical storm. There may be a rare Tuesday when poor weather conditions warrant cancelling League play for that week. If members are unsure whether the Ladies League will play on a certain day, please do not just decide to stay home; rather, call the clubhouse 905-885-6487 for confirmation by 7:00AM for morning play, or by 2PM for the afternoon game.

For all pre-registered games except the Season Opener, be they 12 or 18-hole events, the food is ordered and preparations are made, in advance. If a pre-registered Event must be cancelled because of extreme weather conditions, we ask that the PH players and any guest player come to the club, enjoy the prepared, delicious meal and take the opportunity to socialize. There will be no charge for the cancelled game, but it is expected that each person who is registered will cover the cost of their meal.

Scorekeeping and Prizes

During regular Tuesday play, a member of each 4some volunteers to act as the recorder and notes each player’s score on a scorecard. Our scoring system automatically records pars and birdies so there is no need to note them on the scorecard, but the recorder should please note Chip-ins.

Players count their own score on each hole during regular play, and they advise the recorder of their score. Players should use whatever method or counter works best for them to keep an accurate score. Scores count for prizes each week so we rely on accurate counting and fair play among our members. This ensures all our members will have an opportunity to win prizes during the season.

Weekly, once the recorder has all the scores for the team, she uses her phone to take a photo of the card, with the names and scores showing clearly, then sends it to scorekeeper Donna Ball.

NOTE: For regular12-hole games, we use a ‘double par’ rule – meaning that for each hole, the maximum score is double the par. Accordingly, if your stroke count on a hole reaches double par, whether you have holed your ball or not, you are to pick up your ball and that hole is considered finished. Your score for that hole is marked on your scorecard as double the rating for that hole.

The recorder will circle a “true” double par score. This means that a player holes the ball on a double par score. However, when a player picks up her ball, at a count of double par, before the ball is putted in, the double par score is marked but not circled on the scorecard.

When playing a Scramble, each 4some records the team results for each hole as well as the total for the team, on a scorecard.

The Scorekeeper collects the scorecards after each game and tracks the weekly scores towards each player’s average.

Our members are organized into four divisions based on a player's average of all regular games played in the League. On a weekly basis the scorekeeper tallies each member’s score and if a player’s score changes their average, either up or down, that player’s division for the following week may change, depending on the extent of change to her score.

Our four divisions and the range of scores (10 holes) for the 2022 season will be:

These divisions are used to place players on teams for regular play, Scramble Events and when awarding weekly prizes throughout the season. New players in our League must play 3 regular games before they are placed in a division and before they are eligible for prizes.

At our Closing Banquet in September, prizes are awarded to members who, through the season, have achieved winning results in each Division as well as in categories such as most pars, birdies and chip-ins. Only League members who have played at least half of the regular games during the season and participated in at least half of the Events are eligible for year-end prizes.

Pace of Play

Our goal is that members enjoy their golf experience while maintaining an acceptable pace. This does not mean rushing. Rather, there are club resources to keep the pace moving and ways to improve your game that ultimately result in a better pace.

One of the club’s Marshals will be on the course to observe the pace of play. If the pace is slow, he will stop by to ask you to increase your pace.

Improving Your Game

Our club provides a new practice green for putting. Spending time at this facility is a great way to get an idea of how the greens will play and help sharpen your game.

Our more experienced members can also be valuable resources for support and assistance so don’t hesitate to ask questions as you play your round. They can help you understand the course and our rules of play.

Grace on the Greens – Tips, Etiquette and Local Rules

  1. Play ‘ready golf’ whenever possible. This means the first person who is ready to play her ball should step up and do so.
  2. Keep ‘mum’ (and still) while others are hitting their ball and remain out of a player’s peripheral vision. Even quiet comments can be distracting for players.
  3. Take no more than one practice swing, if any.
  4. After hitting your ball, watch where it stops and line up your cart to that area. You are less likely to lose track of your ball.
  5. As you wait while others play their ball, plan your shot and select your club.
  6. Take no longer than one or two minutes to look for a lost ball.
  7. If your ball is lost or out of bounds (including red hazard marked areas), drop another ball and add 1 stroke to your score.
  8. Rake sand traps and replace divots.
  9. Park your power/push-cart well off to one side of the green (on or close to the cart path)
  10. It is no longer necessary to remove the flag before putting. However, if players choose to do so, the player whose ball is closest to the cup removes the flag once all players’ balls are on the green.
  11. Make sure the flag is placed out of stroke’s way when putting.
  12. Although we play ready golf, in general, the player whose ball is farthest from the pin putts first.
  13. If the flag was removed, then the player who putts out first returns flag to the hole after all have completed their putts.
  14. Never walk between a player’s ball and the hole.
  15. All players remain on the green until everyone putts out.
  16. Travel between holes quickly and mark scores after leaving the green – at the next tee.




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