Major Updates on the Way

In 2020 we are renovating the Port Hope Golf and Country Club, as a result, we will be operating as a 20 Hole golf course with the opportunity to play 10 if you wish. We look forward to the future plans and we know that you will love it!

Course Policies

Port Hope Golf

Safety Policy

At the Port Hope Golf & Country Club, we are committed to the prevention of golf ball injuries while fostering good relations between customers and on-course staff. We need your help to ensure a safe environment for you to enjoy and for our workers who maintain the golf course.

Employee Safety and You

On the golf course, maintenance equipment and workers have the right-of-way.

When maintenance equipment and workers are in the range of your next shot, these are the procedures you need to know:

Our on-course staff begins working early in the morning and they are committed to providing a quality product for your golfing enjoyment. But, in order to accomplish this task, our maintenance staff needs to work efficiently and stay ahead of the players.

If you are an early morning golfer,you may encounter our staff mowing the greens, tees, collars, fairways or rough and changing the flagstick location for the day or raking the bunkers.

We ask that you have some patience, wait a few moments, let us finish our task and move out of the way.

The maintenance person will wave his/her hand to acknowledge that he/she sees you, he/she will then complete their immediate task and move out of the way and stop their machine. They will then wave their hand again to allow you to play your shot.

Do not skip holes when playing. We have tried to develop a mowing routine to help keep the maintenance staff always working ahead of the golfer. If a group skips holes they will interfere with the maintenance staff as they are trying to finish their tasks.

Remember do not hit your shot if the maintenance person has not acknowledged you and moved out of the way.

Port Hope Golf

You Need To Know

Golfers may be held responsible for any personal injury or damage to equipment and property (City owned or privately owned) as a result of not adhering to these safety procedures.

Rain check Policy

  • The Port Hope Golf and Country Club will prorate rain checks based on number of holes completed.
  • The % of rain check will be based off the price of the greens fee before taxes.
  • Rain checks will be issued for applicable golf fees and cart fees.
  • Rain checks will be issued for inclement weather only. (Rain, lightning, etc.) Rain checks will not be issued due to darkness.
  • Rain checks will expire on OCT 31st of each year.
  • Rain checks are issued as a cash value to be redeemed for applicable golf fees, and cart fees only.

Golf Cart Policy

  • Each operator of a golf cart must have a valid driver's license (G2 or above).
  • The marshal will give special daily cart restrictions.
  • Please observe cart directional signage.
  • Only 2 bags and 2 people per cart.
Port Hope Golf

Dress Code Policy

Dress codes are in effect during all times. No gym shorts or cut-offs. No tank tops, spaghetti strap t-shirts, halter tops, muscle shirts or half shirts. Golf Shorts and Golf Shirts, Dress Shorts are considered acceptable attire.

SPIKES/ Shoe Policy

The Port Hope Golf and Country Club is a mandatory soft-spike golf course. Metal spikes or cleats of any kind will not be permitted on the golf course.

Checking In Policy

All players (including members) must register at the Pro-Shop prior to beginning play. Players must not tee off prior to the opening of the Pro-Shop, this includes use of the driving range. All players must start on Hole 1 unless otherwise advised by course management.

Alcohol Policy

The AGCO regulates the sale and service of all alcohol beverages. As a licensee the Port Hope Golf and Country Club is responsible for the administration of these regulations. Therefore no alcoholic beverages are permitted to be brought on to the property by any outside source. Anyone found with outside alcohol will have the alcohol confiscated and asked to leave the golf course without refund or reimbursement.